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Equal Pay

We're committed to workplace fairness and gender equality, specialising in representing individuals and organisations on equal pay matters. Our barristers have unmatched expertise in equal pay law, ensuring top-quality representation for every client.

We take a strategic and tailored approach to each case, recognising its uniqueness influenced by factors like job roles and industry dynamics. For individuals challenging unequal pay practices, we're dedicated to safeguarding their rights and advocating for fair compensation. In cases against employers, our representation excels in formulating a strong defence strategy through thorough analysis of legal and factual aspects.

Why choose us for Non-Competition and Injunction Relief

TBG Employment Barristers (5)

We offer solicitors tailored approaches to achieve optimal outcomes for their clients.

TBG Employment Barristers (5)

Our team ensures that each case is approached with precision, empathy, and a commitment to achieving equitable outcomes.

TBG Employment Barristers (5)

We bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring that your case is met with the strategic insight it deserves.

TBG Employment Barristers (5)

You'll benefit from our in-depth knowledge of equal pay laws, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your case.

Our Equal Pay Employment Barristers

View our barristers CVs and LinkedIn profiles for the Equal Pay matters.

Raoul Downey profile link
Raoul Downey

Called in 1988

Terence Finn profile link
Terence Finn

Called in 1988

Kevin Harris profile link
Kevin Harris

Called in 1999

Sheila Aly profile link
Sheila Aly

Called in 2002

John Small profile link
John Small

Called in 2002

Sean McHugh profile link
Sean McHugh

Called in 2005

Sinead King profile link
Sinead King

Called in 2006

Stephen Bishop profile link
Stephen Bishop

Called in 2006

Muneeb Akram profile link
Muneeb Akram

Called in 2016

Our team of specialist employment barristers cover all areas of employment law in sectors outside of Equal Pay. View their profiles here