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Private Sector

Our team of barristers is highly skilled in providing strategic and customised services that cater to the intersection of the private sector and employment law. Encompassing a broad spectrum of issues, from workplace discrimination to termination and various facets of the employment relationship, our comprehensive approach ensures that our clients receive legal support precisely aligned with the challenges and dynamics of the private sector.

With an in-depth understanding of the complex challenges faced by businesses, our dedicated specialist advocates are committed to offering comprehensive legal support that navigates the intricacies of employment law with precision.

We recognise the diversity of industries that exist within the private sector and, therefore, our legal experts bring forth industry-specific knowledge as a fundamental aspect of our service. So regardless of whether your operations are in technology, finance, or any other sector, our tailored approach is informed and enriched by our deep understanding of the unique legal landscape governing your industry.

Why choose us for Private Sector Employment Law?

TBG Employment Barristers (5)

We cover the full spectrum of employer-employee issues, providing comprehensive support in the dynamic private sector.

TBG Employment Barristers (5)

Expect a client-centric approach, delivering transparent communication and results tailored to the private sector's demands.

TBG Employment Barristers (5)

We offer customised support designed specifically for the challenges unique to the private sector, ensuring precise counsel.

TBG Employment Barristers (5)

Our experience ensures a swift resolution of Local Authority employment issues, tailored to the unique challenges of the public sector.

Our Private Sector Employment Barristers

View our barristers CVs and LinkedIn profiles for the Private Sector.

Damian Brown KC profile link
Damian Brown KC

Called in 1989

Gwynn Price Rowland profile link
Gwynn Price Rowland

Called in 1985

Raoul Downey profile link
Raoul Downey

Called in 1988

Lorraine Mensah profile link
Lorraine Mensah

Called in 1997

Simon Harding profile link
Simon Harding

Called in 1998

Christopher Howells profile link
Christopher Howells

Called in 1999

Joanne Williams profile link
Joanne Williams

Called in 1999

Kevin Harris profile link
Kevin Harris

Called in 1999

Dr. Sally Penni profile link
Dr. Sally Penni

Called in 2000

Marcia Duncan-Brown profile link
Marcia Duncan-Brown

Called in 2000

John Small profile link
John Small

Called in 2002

Sean McHugh profile link
Sean McHugh

Called in 2005

Keith Webster profile link
Keith Webster

Called in 2006

Sinead King profile link
Sinead King

Called in 2006

Stephen Bishop profile link
Stephen Bishop

Called in 2006

Paul O'Callaghan profile link
Paul O'Callaghan

Called in 2008

Simon McCrossan profile link
Simon McCrossan

Called in 2010

Russell Bradley profile link
Russell Bradley

Called in 2012

Alex Lawson profile link
Alex Lawson

Called in 2015

Muneeb Akram profile link
Muneeb Akram

Called in 2016

Dr Anna Loutfi profile link
Dr Anna Loutfi

Called in 2019

Jitna Majithia profile link
Jitna Majithia

Called in 2022

Our team of specialist employment barristers cover all areas of employment law in sectors outside of the private sector. View their profiles here