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Shareholder and Company Disputes

We specialise in providing comprehensive services that are tailored to assist you in navigating complex corporate conflicts related to both corporate governance and the rights of employees. Whether it is an issue of shareholder derivative actions or a contractual issue our team of barristers are committed to providing strategic legal solutions that align precisely with our clients.

Our team possess a profound understanding of the dynamic interplay within shareholder-company relationships, and they leverage their expertise to address employment law challenges within the expansive context of corporate disputes.

We understand that employment concerns must be harmonised with the broader landscape of corporate dynamics, and our team of advocates bring a keen awareness of the delicate balance required to achieve this.

With a comprehensive and strategic approach, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible outcome in any challenges that may arise.

Why choose us for Shareholder and Company Disputes?

TBG Employment Barristers (5)

Our barristers specialise in navigating complex corporate conflicts, corporate governance matters to ensure adherence to legal standards.

TBG Employment Barristers (5)

Our team can assist you in resolving issues related to shareholder derivative actions or contractual disputes, ensuring legal strategies align precisely with client needs.

TBG Employment Barristers (5)

We have a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics within shareholder-company relationships, allowing them to navigate disputes effectively.

TBG Employment Barristers (5)

With a dedicated commitment to our clients, we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes in any challenges that may arise, providing a high level of client satisfaction.

Our Shareholder and Company Disputes Employment Barristers

View our barristers CVs and LinkedIn profiles for the Shareholder and Company Disputes.

Damian Brown KC profile link
Damian Brown KC

Called in 1989

Raoul Downey profile link
Raoul Downey

Called in 1988

Lorraine Mensah profile link
Lorraine Mensah

Called in 1997

Simon Harding profile link
Simon Harding

Called in 1998

John Small profile link
John Small

Called in 2002

Our team of specialist employment barristers cover all areas of employment law in sectors outside of Shareholder and Company Disputes. View their profiles here