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Alex Fletcher

Alex has a wealth of experience as a mediator and he joins The Barrister Group panel as an accomplished, trusted and sought-after mediator.

Alex is a civil and family barrister with 21 years PQE and practices from London. He is a former partner at a solicitors' firm in Taunton and has been a trustee for the Society of Mediators since he was invited to join them in 2020, where he both teaches and examines mediation students within the Society of Mediators. As a mediator Alex is relaxed, calming and in control and consistently achieves remarkable success.

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Civil Disputes

Specialist Panel

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Alex's Experience

Areas of Expertise

Alex has been appointed as the mediator of choice in numerous TOLATA, trust, and property/building disputes. He is legally astute in these areas as well as having a good practical understanding of construction, building regulations and property investment schemes.

Alex brings with him a strong legal understanding of these areas and a practical approach to resolution which often allows the mediating parties to achieve surprising results. He routinely receives praise for his work as a mediator from the professionals and the lay clients alike.

  • Property (all aspects)
    • Conveyancing Disputes
    • Easements & Rights of Way
    • Land & Boundary Disputes
    • Misrepresentation
    • Land Use
    • Option Agreements
    • Neighbour Disputes
    • Nuisance
    • Party Wall Agreements
    • Property Insurance Disutes
  • Commercial/Contractual Disputes (all aspects - commercial and residential)
    • Landlord & Tenant
    • Disrepair
    • Forfeiture
    • Trespass
    • Rent Review
    • Service Charge Disputes
    • Dilapidations
    • Breach of Covenant
  • Cohabitation
    • Separation Agreement Disputes
    • TOLATA 
    • Trusts (resulting and constructive)
    • Proprietary Estoppel
  • Inheritance/Probate/Trust Disputes
    • Trusts (resulting and constructive)
    • Proprietary Estoppel
    • Capacity
    • Undue Influence
    • S.9 Validity (Will)
    • Knowledge & Approval
  • Building Disputes
    • Construction & Engineering
    • Professional Negligence (Surveyors & Solicitors)
    • Partnership/Shareholder/Director Disputes
Mediation Style

Alex is happy to mediate anywhere and at any time. He is a believer that mediation is best conducted as quickly as possible once a disagreement arises and this can often mean doing so wherever possible rather than waiting for the optimum venue.

Consequently, his practice is fluid and accommodating of his client’s needs rather than one which requires optimum conditions to perform in, he mediates remotely as happily as he will in person and is a strong believer in utilising IT where possible. He has conducted several online mediations with the parties in different countries (in the same mediation) and he is adept with the technical issues involved in running such an exercise.

Whilst mediation with the parties in the same building is often seen as preferable, Alex fully embraces the time and costs savings that online mediation can bring to resolve issues more quickly and at less expense to all concerned.

Professional Background

Prior to becoming a barrister, Alex worked in banking and business and was a co-director of several Small Enterprises in Hampshire and Devon. He has a mind for business and contracts which has seen him consistently and successfully mediate business disputes which involve insurance and contact issues.

Outside of work Alex can usually be found practicing his DIY skills or on better days, sailing or playing cricket. He has two young sons who are determined to keep him fit and a partner with whom he lives in London.


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