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Andrew Brenton


Andrew is a CMC Registered Mediator and provides mediation for civil and commercial disputes alongside giving general legal advice and guidance to companies and sports organisations.

Before coming to the law, he had considerable experience in IT and technology projects having worked in the banking, finance, and fmcg sectors as a project manager and service contract advisor. As well as general commercial matters, his areas of expertise are IT, Data Protection Claims, Copyright, Photography, and Sports Disputes.

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Andrew's Experience

Areas of Expertise

As well as general commercial matters, Andrew's areas of expertise are:

  • IT
  • Data Protection Claims
  • Copyright disputes
  • Photography disputes
  • Sports disputes
Professional Background

Andrew previously had a 20-year career in IT project management in banking, finance and FMCG. He founded IOLIS 5 years ago and provides legal advice to companies and sports organisations on governance, contract and data protection.

Mediation Style

Andrew very much likes to look at the interests of the parties rather than positional bargaining. He is a strong believer in repairing relationships where possible and try to take a humanist approach. However, he also understands the motives and needs that drive disputes so he can frame everything in a realistic and meaningful manner. Sometimes solutions can be creative. It is rare that disputes are just about money.

  • Bachelors degree in Documentary Photography
  • Master’s Degree in Commercial Law
  • Associate Member of the Royal Photographic Society
  • Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts


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