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Avinder Laroya

In 2015-16, Avinder qualified as a Chartered Arbitrator MCIArb and thereafter as a CEDR accredited Mediator. She studied at the prestigious MIDS program in Geneva attaining an LLM in international dispute settlement, specialised but not limited to Commercial Disputes.

Other dispute domains include Civil, International organizations, and Investor-State Mediation. She is also authorized and regulated as an English Solicitor under the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (“SRA”).

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Avinder's Experience

Mediation Style

Avinder's passion lies in being a Peace Builder. With so much conflict in the world, her aim is to bring resolution, helping others to explore possibilities, break deadlock and arrive at decisions efficiently and effectively.

She is inspired and motivated by the mediation process which goes beyond litigation - supporting and ushering parties to explore emotional aspects of their conflict and decision-making styles. This further ensures that parties can “live” with their agreed upon decisions and outcomes.

Avinder brings a strong mediator mindset with a natural ability to recognise sources of conflict easily in others and in my own relationships. She is versed in stepping back and questioning myself on how she can communicate better, explore possibilities, and define and resolve disputes.

Through her own personal development journey, and being an experienced Lawyer, Arbitrator and Mediator, Avinder understands the psychology of human nature. She helps her clients to understand their own personality and conflict styles thereby increasing their self-awareness.

With a high emotional intelligence profile, Avinder helps clients to better connect with themselves which helps them to understand why they are stuck in deadlock. This unlocks several success factors for clients: ability to build trust quickly; ability to see mediation as an opportunity to test reality and to explore possibilities; reassurance that they are free to leave at any time; manage expectations on any guarantee of settlement, etc.

With her extensive training and experience, Avinder has a trained and natural ability to identify barriers and opportunities for resolving the conflict, and to design a structure and process for the set time.

I also have a strong cross-cultural understanding which supports me in putting my clients at ease and in trust building.

I have Specialist Training in Workplace and Online Mediation (“ODR”), I am willing to travel nationally and internationally. Currently based between UK and Geneva, Switzerland.

Professional Background

Avinder has more than 20 years’ experience as a private practice lawyer, first for London firms and then at my own virtual law firm, since 2010. Her services extend to a diverse client base and include real estate, corporate commercial, intellectual property, litigation and dispute resolution.

  • 30 June 2021
    Half day mediation
    Outcome: Partial Settlement


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