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Dr Renu Raj


Dr Renu Raj is a non-practicing qualified medical doctor, qualified advocate, and accredited International Mediator from London (CMC registered).

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Dr Renu Raj


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Renu's Experience

Areas of Expertise
  • Business disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Property disputes, conveyancing, landlord and tenant 
  • Inheritance Act, Probate and Trusts
  • Finance
  • Insolvency
  • Builder and client disputes
  • Professional negligence 
  • Medical negligence
  • Defamation
Professional Background

Dr Renu Raj has a Master's Degree in international economics, law justice and development, and possesses a strong knowledge of UK and international law.

She is also the Founder and CEO of Radanks Limited UK & Dynamic Silence UK. Radanks was launched at the House of Commons in London in 2019. She pioneered the revolutionary concept of legal tourism. RADANKS is the world’s first integrated legal care and support platform. Radanks is a Mediator training and service provider globally.

Renu is registered at BCI and the Delhi high court and is a member of various renowned associations internationally, like the international law association. She is on the advisory board of directors for the West London Chamber of Commerce. She is also currently the President of Lions Club London Central Host. She is well equipped with a strong business acumen and an excellent understanding of commercial challenges, which she uses while working within high-profile networks and operating with elite contacts.

Always reliable, hardworking, and driven to achieve goals. She has won multiple international awards and has represented many organisations as a global ambassador. 

She has more than twenty years’ experience in business, having two limited companies and she established business in different sectors. She can connect very effectively with people from any community and from all walks of life and bridge the gap between them.

Mediation Style

Dr Raj undertakes corporate, commercial and property disputes. She is an Registered Advocate in Bar Council of Delhi India and Indian Council of Arbitration, CMC, International Law assotiation.

She is a team player who enjoys working with lay and professional clients to identify and resolve problems in a way that is best suited to the client's needs.

She speaks plainly and prides herself on assiduous preparation of cases and appropriate management and chairmanship of disputes.

A company director herself, Dr.Raj knows the mechanics of business, deal-making and negotiation. Commercial and property disputes have a severe effect on the business and the people involved, so Dr Raj's work ethic is to identify the needs of the client at an early stage and to help bring the matter to a speedy and commercially sensible conclusion through the mediation.

Previous Disputes

Medical negligence: Renu is dealing with a still birth case as a mediator between patient and hospital. Contract dispute: She mediated a couple of contract disputes and settled the mediation, saving legal time which would have gone very high and many months cost where both the side were really very aggressive and threatening to go to the police and accusing and refusing to pay.

Boundary disputes: these have been settled by mediation, bitter relationships and long-running garden and front boundary disputes.

Construction dispute: she mediated a settlement between the client and the builder and the neighbour. It was a dispute with a neighbour who was not happy with a wall built marginally towards their side and the builder was not ready to break and build without charge and the house was half done. She mediated wisely and went all three back to their way with satisfaction. Construction dispute settlement is very common for her internationally and nationally.

Financial Loan dispute: It was with a Chartered accountant's firm and his client. The Chartered Accountant had made his client invest in his business a loan amount on 10% monthly interest which was paid for two months, then stopped paying, giving the excuse that his business was at a loss, and he would pay once his business went well. That has turned into a war between them. She is so clever she settled that financial dispute calmly and made both go on their way smoothly.

Intellectual Property: She mediated a settlement between the website developer and the printing press regarding similar offers and contents.

Partnership dispute: mediated several family business partnerships and other business partnerships. The most interesting was a partnership between brothers and their wives in a gym and beauty parlour business.

Delay in performance: she mediated between the contractor and the sub-contractor where the sub-contractor was trying to sell the contract from the company directly and they were with the completion just to make the contractor fail and lose the contract. It has been very interesting and learn so much before sub-contracting.


As well as English, Renu is able to communicate in Hindi, Punjabi, Nepali and Bengali.

  • 19 July 2021
    financial dispute
    Outcome: Partial Settlement
  • 15 July 2021
    financial dispute
    Outcome: Settled
  • 9 April 2021
    Outcome: Settled
  • 2 February 2021
    financial dispute /civil
    Outcome: Partial Settlement


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