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Helen Mulcahy

Helen is a CEDR accredited mediator and a CMC Registered Mediator. She offers in-person or Zoom mediations.

She has represented companies, funds, entrepreneurs, collectors, banks (large and small), small businesses and individuals who find themselves in unexpected difficulties. She has negotiated settlements before proceedings have been issued and worked with parties involved in litigation and arbitration, as an advocate as well as an adviser.

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Helen's Experience

Dispute Experience

Helen is a partner at Fieldfisher's Commercial Dispute Resolution practice, having practised in legal disputes for over 25 years in a variety of fields, including:

  • disputed contracts
  • international trade
  • sale of goods
  • business disputes
  • disputes between family members including parents/ offspring and siblings
  • commercial contract
  • professional negligence claims
  • fraud claims
  • director and shareholder issues
  • financial services disputes
  • trust disputes 
  • cryptocurrency and NFT claims
  • art and collectible disputes
  • joint ventures
  • partnership disputes
  • unfair prejudice claims
  • insolvency
  • insurance
  • fraud
Mediation Style

Helen has been involved in numerous mediations, either representing one of the parties in a variety of commercial disputes, or acting as a neutral, on large negligence claims or complex multi-party claims to small contractual disputes. Some mediations have been emotional rollercoasters whereas others provided a sense of relief that the dispute could be resolved without recourse to the court or arbitration. Almost all of the mediations settled if not on the day then shortly after. 

She has always sought to help clients resolve disputes in the most economic and quickest timeframe possible and mediation can offer a unique opportunity to resolve the most fractious of disputes when negotiations have been unsuccessful or the parties have previously felt it was tactically inappropriate to make the first approach to settle. 

Mediation can be unsettling but may provide the resolution sought after by parties so that they can move on with their lives and businesses. For those who have never had experience of a mediation it is important to remember that nothing is binding until it is recorded in a written contract and that any information shared between the parties cannot be used in any litigation or arbitration.

Professional Background

Helen is an accredited solicitor advocate with higher rights of audience in all courts and have represented clients at trial in the High Court. She qualified in Brisbane, Australia in 1996 and worked in personal injuries and insurance disputes in Canberra before moving to London in 1998 and requalifying in England and working in commercial disputes.

Prior to joining Fieldfisher in 2016, Helen was a partner at Hill Hofstetter, based in Mayfair. Hill Hofstetter was a former branch of Reed Smith. She worked at Reed Smith in London between 1999 and 2006 initially as an associate before becoming a partner. She then established a litigation boutique firm with another former Reed Smith partner before leaving to have children.

  • 14 June 2024
    Professional Negligence
    Did not settle
  • 23 November 2023
    Financial Dispute
    Outcome: Settled
  • 8 March 2023
    Outcome: Settled

Helen's Testimonials

Confident, very professional, ethical and detailed-oriented.

A strong practice in finance-related litigation, including bondholder and noteholder disputes.

Particularly recommended for cross-border disputes.


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