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Judith Bogner

Judith Bogner is a non-lawyer mediator based between Munich and London with a background in international media, business and finance with a strong focus on sustainability and climate change solutions. Judith facilitates all types of conflict resolution, negotiations and client advisory boards. She travels nationally and internationally.

She is fluent in English and German, well versed in French and Italian, and has working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.

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Judith Bogner


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Judith's Experience

Areas of Expertise

Judith is available for all types of business negotiations and disputes. The following areas are a natural fit with her background and professional path:

  • Sustainability, Climate Change
  • International Media and Entertainment
  • Journalism/ Television/ Film
  • International Finance and Banking
  • European and International Geopolitics
  • Cultural and Spiritual Diversity
  • Interpersonal Relationships
Mediation Style

Personable, calm and non-judgmental, Judith creates a safe space that allows people to relax and be comfortable. She's an excellent listener and intuitively asks the right questions that may serve as stepping stones towards building a solution.

Judith firmly believes that every dis-agreement has - by definition - the potential of an agreement that can be found by coming together and communicating openly what truly matters for those involved.

Professional Background

Judith brings to the table a wide range of experiences in international business, finance and media. As former TV presenter for an international financial news channel, she is a gifted communicator who makes those around her feel welcome and at ease – regardless of their background, their culture and beliefs.

Judith also holds qualifications as yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and shamanic practitioner. She offers empowerment and counselling session to private clients

  • 10 December 2015
    Outcome: Partial Settlement


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