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Maz Iqbal


Maz Adam Iqbal is a distinguished barrister and accredited mediator with over two decades of legal expertise and a robust background in commercial and civil dispute resolution.

Admitted to the Bar in 1999, Maz was called by the Inner Temple, sponsored by His Honourable Lord Justice Laws. His career is characterized by his dual roles in legal practice and business, which uniquely positions him to offer pragmatic and efficient mediation services.

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Maz's Experience

Areas of Expertise
  • Commercial Mediation: Specializing in debt recovery, contractual disagreements, and property disputes. Maz’s deep understanding of business operations ensures solutions that align with commercial realities.

  • Civil Mediation: Experienced in handling personal injury, motor claims, and occupiers' liability issues, offering empathetic yet firm mediation services.

  • Property Disputes: As a former director in the property sector, Maz brings a comprehensive knowledge of landlord-tenant relationships and tenancy deposit adjudications.

  • Financial Disputes: Certified in mortgage advice and financial regulation, providing mediation services that address financial disputes with expertise.
Mediation Style

Maz’s reputation as a mediator is built on his extensive experience across a variety of legal domains including commercial disputes, property conflicts, and personal injury claims. His adeptness at handling complex disputes is complemented by his practical business insight, honed through his tenure as a director in property and financial services companies.

This dual perspective allows Maz to navigate the intricacies of both legal and commercial environments, delivering resolutions that are not only legally sound but also economically viable.

Maz’s approach to mediation is characterised by:

  • Strategic Problem-Solving: Utilising his legal acumen and business experience to identify practical solutions that address the core of the dispute.

  • Cost-Effective Resolutions: Committed to finding speedy and financially sensible outcomes, reducing the burden of protracted litigation.

  • Client-Centric Methodology: Building strong rapport and understanding with all parties, ensuring that each voice is heard and respected throughout the process.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Skilled in various mediation formats including telephone and online dispute resolution, ensuring accessibility and convenience for clients.
Professional Background
  • Chambers of M Iqbal (2009 – Present): Serving as a sole practitioner, Maz provides bespoke legal and mediation services, specializing in commercial and civil disputes.
  • Small Claims Mediation Ltd (2014 – 2017): Worked as a freelance mediator, resolving small claims and fostering quick, equitable settlements.

  • The Dispute Service (2008 – 2010): Adjudicated on tenant deposit disputes, bringing fairness and expertise to the resolution process.

  • Director Roles: His experience as a director in property and financial services firms complements his legal practice, offering a unique perspective on business-related disputes.
Awards & Recognitions
  • Yorkshire 42 Under Forty Two (2011): Recognised as one of the leading young business leaders in Yorkshire & The Humber.

  • Bar Council List of Barrister Mediators: Featured for his excellence and contributions to the field of mediation.

  • Finalist for The Times & The Sunday Times Letting Agency of the Year Awards (2013, 2014): Acknowledged for outstanding management in the property sector.

  • "Agency Leader of the Year" The Negotiator Awards (2012): Nominated for his leadership and innovation in the agency sector.
Publications & Presentations

Maz is an active contributor to legal literature and an engaging speaker, sharing his expertise on topics ranging from dispute resolution to consumer law. His notable works include:

  • Publications: Articles on tenancy disputes, consumer protection, and employment law, featured in respected journals and industry newsletters.

  • Seminars and Workshops: Presenter on diverse legal subjects including employment law, commercial dispute resolution, and business ownership.


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