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Philip Corsano-Leopizzi

East Midlands

Philip provides creditor and restructuring mediation services to individuals, financial institutions and corporates.  Philip has honed his persuasive mediation and restructuring skills while working with institutions such as the Development Finance Corporation, World Bank, Morgan Grenfell & Co. Ltd, IBM and various Fortune 100 companies and banks worldwide. This extensive experience provides a unique perspective on the challenges that can arise in long-term business partnerships, and equips him with the tools and strategies needed to help parties find common ground and resolve their differences. 

He has an MBA from the London Business School, a Post Graduate qualification from Stanford University in Statistics and an undergraduate Law LLB and LLM from London University.  He was called to the Bar in 2024.

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Philip Corsano


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East Midlands


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Philip's Experience

Areas of Expertise
  • Contractual performance
  • Creditor and Insolvency negotiations
  • Professional liability
  • Financial Institutions
  • Public entities
  • Family inheritance
  • Division of family assets
  • Land and tenant disputes
Mediation Style

Whether the dispute involves issues of contractual performance, intellectual property disputes, valuation and payment, issues regarding wills and intestacy trusts or the valuation of 'stranded assets', Philip's mediation service brings a calm, cost-effective, rational, and credible presence to the process, helping parties to identify and focus on their shared interests and work towards mutually beneficial sustainable solutions.

Professional Background

Philip's mediation service brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, particularly in assessing the risk tolerance of parties involved in complex disputes. This is evidenced by the successful restructuring of the $0.5 billion Sirena 3 project. In that case, he successfully navigated the intricate web of stakeholder interests and concerns, ultimately ensuring that all parties were fairly compensated for their contributions. By carefully evaluating each party's risk appetite and leveraging a deep understanding of the underlying issues, Philip crafted a permanent solution that allowed the project to move forward and reach an enforceable outcome.

Philip's Testimonials

While working in IBM EE/A Philip has shown outstanding skills and knowledge in financial aspects of complex IT projects, especially those requiring financing. His professionalism helped to find business solutions for many Russian customers who experienced temporal budgeting difficulties in complex transition times.

Segey Couzmin

Adviser to the President Information Democracy Fund

Philip is a creative financier with a keen eye for structuring, coupled with solid common sense and the ability to find agreed solutions outside of the box. He was always a source of expert knowledge and a great sounding board for new ideas and solutions.

Richard Stanaro

DFI Washington DC

Philip helped me, in his role as a legal consultant, to find a clear and effective way out of a very difficult situation. I cannot thank him enough.




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