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Rajinder Rai

LLB(H); CMC; SCMA; LAW SOCIETY; CIArb; CLS Executive Member of London Law Society

South East

Rajinder is recognised as a mediator specialising in Civil and Commercial Disputes. Her practice as a disputes lawyer for over two decades sits well with her practice as a mediator. She holds accreditation in these areas and is affiliated with the Civil Mediation Council. Rajinder modestly refers to herself as someone who strives to assist in resolving legal conflict in a cost effective manner.

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Probate, Estates & Trusts

Membership Level

Membership Level


Rajinder's Experience

Areas of Expertise

• TOLATA claims
• Contentious probate disputes
• Building disputes
• Property disputes
• Professional negligence claims
• Shareholder and Company disputes
• Boundary disputes
• Defamation claims
• Employment and workplace disputes
• Landlord and tenant disputes
• Contract disputes
• Partnership disputes
• Insolvency disputes

Mediation Style

Rajinder approaches mediation in a proactive and willing manner to adapt to individuals' unique needs. Her reputation as a good listener and a patient mediator diligently working towards facilitating resolutions is something she values deeply.

Known for her genuine connection with people from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, Rajinder appreciates the opportunity to bring patience and attentive listening to her mediation work. Her passion for mediation fuels her commitment to assisting parties in reaching resolutions in a timely manner and focuses on helping parties restore relationships, whether on a personal or business level, where possible.

Rajinder's Testimonials

Thank you for your patience yesterday. I speak for both Ann and myself when I say that you had a thorough grasp of the facts of the long-running case, were empathetic and a good listener, patient, and spoke in a straightforward way that my client could relate to.

Kay Baker

Senior Associate, Birkett Long LLP

Thank you for all of your help and patience yesteday. My clients were very pleased that the matter is now at an end. I was very impressed with your conduct of the matter. I will certainly keep your details for future reference.



I want to pass on my congratulations for completnig your mediation today, despite it being a rather difficult case.




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