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Occupation Orders

When matters of occupation rights within the family home demand legal resolution, our team of experienced barristers stands ready to provide expert representation.

With a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in occupation orders, we offer tailored legal solutions designed to protect the rights and interests of your clients.

Trust in our team's expertise to navigate the complexities of occupation disputes with precision and care, ensuring favourable outcomes for you and your clients. Explore our team of skilled and experienced barristers committed to delivering exceptional results in this specialised area of family law.

Why choose us for Occupation Orders?

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Niche specialisation

Our barristers excel in the niche area of occupation orders, possessing deep-seated knowledge and experience specifically tailored to address the complexities of these cases.

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Strategic approach

Rely on our chambers' strategic approach, meticulously designed to navigate the nuances of occupation orders, ensuring the best possible outcome for your clients.

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Client-centric representation

We're focused on understanding and prioritising the unique needs and concerns of your clients involved in occupation order disputes.

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Efficient resolution

Trust in our team's commitment to swift and efficient resolution of occupation order cases, minimising disruptions and alleviating stress for both you and your clients.

Our Occupation Order Barristers

View our barristers CVs and LinkedIn profiles for occupation orders. 

Pauline Lewis profile link
Pauline Lewis

Called in 1984

Rebecca Hodgkin profile link
Rebecca Hodgkin

Called in 1991

Paul Dipre profile link
Paul Dipre

Called in 1991

Anwen Walker profile link
Anwen Walker

Called in 1992

Sarah Humpreys profile link
Sarah Humpreys

Called in 1993

Phillip Bowen profile link
Phillip Bowen

Called in 1994

Arlene Small profile link
Arlene Small

Called in 1997

Tayyiba Ahmad profile link
Tayyiba Ahmad

Called in 1998

Lianne Murphy profile link
Lianne Murphy

Called in 2001

Ella Cantor-Freedman profile link
Ella Cantor-Freedman

Called in 2002

Mark Monaghan profile link
Mark Monaghan

Called in 2002

Farah Stehrenberger profile link
Farah Stehrenberger

Called in 2011

Sima Najma profile link
Sima Najma

Called in 2013

Kye Herbert profile link
Kye Herbert

Called in 2013

Stephanie Heijdra profile link
Stephanie Heijdra

Called in 2014

Ralph McMullan profile link
Ralph McMullan

Called in 2016

Deirdre Smythe profile link
Deirdre Smythe

Called in 2017

Ravi Sethi profile link
Ravi Sethi

Called in 2016

Sandra Murgatroyd profile link
Sandra Murgatroyd

Called in 2016

Our team of specialist family barristers cover all areas of family law in areas outside of occupation orders. View their profiles here